Top best 5 Windows Core i5 laptops

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  • Most people want their laptop to be best in performance, battery efficient and much more extra features. The processor plays a huge role in performance. Thus, I am coming with Top best 5 Windows core i5 laptops. I have written article on  best Windows core i7 laptops as well.

    First you need to decide which feature you want in your laptop. You can choose different options like a good graphics card and big screen or for business purpose and much more. Here is list of best Windows core i5 laptops which can help you to get all the features you want.

    Top best 5 Windows Core i5 laptops

    Lenovo ThinkPad G570

    The device has great deal to offer to the users and it comes with very few flaws to speak of. The best thing about this laptop is it is great for watching movies, editing the photos due to which you can work on each day. This has a great value solution making itself easy to recommend. It has Intel’s latest Core i5 2410M processers which provide power using the cutting edge sandy bridge technology. It has 6GB RAM which makes easier for multitasking in 
    running out of memory.

    Samsung RF510

    It is a comprehensively featured and high powered laptop making it a fantastic home media centre. HD video is smooth because of its Blue Ray drive and NVIDIA GT 330M graphics. Its GPU suits for gamers. The inside processer which is Intel Core i5 CPU, is much more powerful enough for most f the applications. Large Hard drive makes it a great package to the consumers. It has a pair of JBL speakers providing excellent audio system. The NVIDIA’s 3D Play technology makes you send 3D content to a compatible monitor or TV. So, this all comes with an Intel Core i5 processor which is paired with a NVIDIA GT 555M graphics card. Gamers will satisfy themselves due to these exciting features.

    Dell XPS 17

    It is an impressive multimedia machine with great performance and usability. It has highly impressive features list which makes it a competitive package. It provides excellent audio with excellent JBL speakers and an NVIDIA graphics.

    Sony VAIO VPC-SB1V9E

    It is a portable laptop and a Mac Book Air rival. It has Intel’s sandy Bridge processors which makes it powerful and great for work done on the go. The Intel Core i5 processor is paired with a dedicated graphics card so that you can manage video editing. The most impressive feature is that it has 500GB hard drive and an optical drive has been squeezed which is a fantastic choice for working on the go.

    Samsung 900XSA

    The slimness of this device is coupled with a curved chassis making this a laptop a joyful to behold. It is built with a duralumin material which makes it look great. The brushed grey with a hint of blue material gives the laptop a classy look. Performance is very high for an ultraportable laptop. The 900XSA delivers a courtesy of the Intel Core i5 processor. 

    Graphically the performance is very well for which everyday performance is all great. This is an expensive laptop but the capability is very much pretty.   

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    davechaoss said...

    The lenovo g570 is probably the best overall laptop with a core i5. it costs a little more than others but you're paying for the durability. This laptop is really good for business travels so carrying it around was less stressful. There's also a personal best like this - Best Intel Core i5 Laptops

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