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  • In this article I have reviewed around 6 media player apps that come handy when you want to play music, video or flash files. Generally the media players coming in built to the phones are not capable of playing some of the videos, and result is that you end up in choosing some third party media player.  Here are the top best 5 Android media player 2013-2014 apps for you.

    Well if you search on Google play store, you will find that there are hack lots of apps under this category. But here we have compiled the information of best media apps (Free) to make things easier for you. 

    Apps that I have reviewed in this article are:
    • MX Video Player
    • Mobo Video Player Pro
    • Double Twist Player
    • Real Player
    • Winapp – Free
    • Smart SWF Player
    MX Video Player

    This app is available at free of cost and one of the favorites of mine. Almost every phone has this app installed. Reason for this is that it is compatibility to all version of android and secondly it plays all type of files. Some of the difficult formats like flv are supported by this app. When I ran this app, there was not scattering of pixels. Brightness and sound of the video can be increased by just sliding thumb up to the screen.

    Mobo Video Player Pro

    Close competitor of MX Player, this piece of software offers lot of extra features like facility of having subtitles, supporting .mkv   format videos etc. The aspect ratio of video can be changed on the players itself, so you don’t need to convert the video in to other dimensions. The user interface is also very simple and easy to use. It is available free of cost at Google play store.

    DoubleTwist Player

    What this media players offers, none offers us that. The synchronization ability of this app like music, video, podcasts etc is available at one place. Integration to radio, PSP, Xbox 360 also makes this media player to stand apart from the crowd. One thing that attracted me the most about this app is its seamless connectivity towards the Xbox.

    Real Player

    Since this developer has been in to the market for quite some time, their user interface and extra features like bookmarking the videos, rules the market. Some of the interesting features to look about are the cross fading technique, playlist making and facility of music equalizer. You can also synchronize your photos and songs in this app.


    For those who own Mac, in order to synchronize there videos and music, this app comes handy. For those who love internet radio, this app is ultimate performer for them. You can browse lot number of internet radio stations like SHOUTcast.

    Smart SWF Player

    This player comes very useful when you want to play the flash files having the .swf extension. To make this app work you have to first download the Adobe flash player and then you can play any flash files through this software.

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    So these were some the apps that will come handy for android users. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. 


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